Planos Multiples

Planos Multiples

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Cristina De Castro 

Size: 110 x 220 cm

Acrylic on canvas 


 Cristina de Castro´s paintings are marked by the influence of two essential references: on one hand, Latin American painting, mainly the work of the Colombian-Spaniard master Alejandro Obregón (Barcelona, 1920- Cartagena de indias, 1992), and closer in time, by the work of the indigenous contemporary artist Carlos jacanamijoy.  For Cristina de Castro the work of the American Cy Twombly (1928 Lexington – Rome 2011) is just as important.


Overall, her art has incorporated the aesthetics of  lyric abstraction linked to European abstract expressionism, appearing first mainly in New York during the 60´s-70´s.  There are several artists depicting this great gestural freedom that inspire Cristina de Castro, especially, artists such as Joan Mitchell, to whom De Castro has in the past paid homage in a masterly way.


But at the same time, she is a Latin-American artist, like a Goddess crowned with flowers, which is what might explain her pictorial rhetoric and aesthetics where she makes reference to what is vegetative- germinating- formal of the flora and the nature of her country, more exactly, of the jungle.


The natural environment that is able  to “enmaniguar” ]trap man inside the jungle –bewitching him, in a sense,  is the feeling that Cristina de Castro reflects  in her canvasses through a suggestive work of color and shapes.  There is no place for indifference when we come face to face with her work …it calls us, it questions us, caresses us and surprises us.  And color is the primary element, which undoubtedly seduces us.

Color is almost bold, audacious, and covers the whole canvass in an all over that is textual, brimming over the edges of the frames.


In this work, I express the different planes that overlay, in my experience, in different planes,  with the color, the shape, the pace, the composition;  that is, in each level there are simultaneously traces, communications, cosmic influences taking place, both energy and spiritually wise, which are the result of the confluence of the information I perceive, and express in this overlaying planes.